Connect to SAP solutions through Intercloud platform

SAP Cloud Peering Service


InterCloud is an Interconnect provider since January 2018 providing private connectivity to SAP HEC through SAP Cloud Peering. We have signed our first joint customer beginning of 2018, providing private access to SAP HEC.

Expand your cloud connectivity to SAP solutions,with the SAP Cloud Peering service,while minimizing latency among solutions and protecting the security of your data.

Bridge the gap


Between fast-paced SAP Cloud innovation and slow modernization of network infrastructure natively offers usage-driven, granular traffic segmentation to make cloud networking an integral part of applications that can be easily monitored, controlled and optimized.

SAP Connector, an InterCloud on-the shelf-product, provides:

  Layer 3 connectivity: InterCloud SAP Connector uses the industry-standard, dynamic routing protocol (BGP).

  SLA: InterCloud manages end-to-end connectivity to SAP Cloud with strong performance commitments with KPIs (such as latency, jitter and packet loss).

  Seamless scalability across the globe.

SAP Cloud Usage
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