Secure and accelerate your connectivity with Microsoft SaaS applications

Microsoft Azure Peering Service Partner


InterCloud, the European Software Cloud Interconnect provider, has partnered with Microsoft since 2014., and recently joined the Azure Networking Managed Service Provider program to further strengthen its position in the Azure ecosystem.

InterCloud provides a fully managed service — backed by strong SLAs — to deliver agile, flexible and secured connectivity to your Microsoft public services, including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and other SaaS-based apps running on Microsoft Azure.

Bridge the gap


Between fast-paced Microsoft productivity / collaboration Apps and slow modernization of network infrastructure natively offers usage-driven, granular traffic segmentation to make cloud networking an integral part of applications that can be easily monitored, controlled and optimized.

InterCloud on-the-shelf-product « Microsoft Public Services Connector » provides with:

  Layer 3 connectivity: InterCloud Connector uses the industry-standard, dynamic routing protocol (BGP) to exchange routes and provide dynamic routing between Microsoft and the customer.

  SLA: InterCloud manages end-to-end connectivity to Microsoft’s SaaS services with strong performance commitments with KPIs (such as latency, jitter and packet loss).

  Seamless scalability across the globe.

Accelerating Microsoft Cloud Apps Usage at large scale