The smartest way to connect to Microsoft Azure

As an Azure ExpressRoute partner and a member of Azure Networking Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program, InterCloud manages the dedicated access from corporate premises to your Microsoft cloud resources across all regions.

The InterCloud Azure Connect solution seamlessly interconnects your Microsoft public and private cloud resources across all regions. Our signature private connectivity solution is designed for large companies that need to guarantee the end-to-end performance, security and compliance of their business-critical traffic with Azure. 

InterCloud Azure Connect combines software-defined private connectivity with layer 3 fully managed services. It includes the implementation of your private connectivity to Azure, all your routing services, as well as the delivery of the local loops to attach your premises if needed. 

As an Azure ExpressRoute technology partner, InterCloud builds on the experience of dozens of large scale implementations of this end-to-end fully managed solution for global companies. 


“Thanks to InterCloud’s Software-defined platform, we can now consider Azure as an extension of our own data centers.”

Bruno Hemon, CTO, SODEXO Group

Rely on our Azure networking experts to manage your routing service between on-premise and Azure ExpressRoute.

Streamline the design and deployment of your ExpressRoute connectivity worldwide with our scalable solution from proof of concepts to massive deployments of Azure.

Guarantee the end-to-end performance and security of your solution and optimize it with optional advanced security, performance optimization and analytics features.