Joining 3DS Outscale cloud computing services with InterCloud plateform

3DS Outscale Cloud partner through DirectLink


InterCloud and Outscale are partners to provide direct access to 3DS Outscale Cloud through DirectLink. In 2018, we have signed our first joint customer providing private access to Outscale Cloud to ensure data sovereignty in France.
Outscale provides a whole range of cloud resources for businesses: Computing power, storage systems, network infrastructure. Resources on the Outscale cloud can be managed by API.
Outscale cloud is present in 9 zones spread over 3 continents, thanks to this low-latency infrastructure, you and your clients receive the same quality of service throughout the world.

We are delighted with our technology partnershipwith InterCloud, which ais to drive business growth by providing a reliable and secure cloud in France and internationally.
David Chassan, Chief Communication Officer, Outscale

Bridge the gap


Between fast-paced Outscale Cloud innovation and slow modernization of network infrastructure natively offers usage-driven, granular traffic segmentation to make cloud networking an integral part of applications that can be easily monitored, controlled, and optimized.
Outscale Connector, an InterCloud on-the shelf-product, provides:
  Layer 3 connectivity: InterCloud Outscale Connector uses the industry-standard, dynamic routing protocol (BGP).
  SLA: InterCloud manages end-to-end connectivity to Outscale Cloud with strong performance commitments with KPIs (such as latency, jitter, and packet loss).
  Seamless scalability across the globe.

Outscale Usage
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