Connect to Oracle Cloud via Fastconnect

InterCloud partners with Oracle Cloud to increase the reliability and flexibility of your enterprise interconnections.

Security, availability and resiliency are critical to today’s enterprises. As a FastConnect partner and member of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), InterCloud provides end-to-end private connectivity to your Oracle Cloud resources at scale. It empowers you to securely and efficiently deliver your Oracle Cloud applications anywhere in the world.

Leveraging our partnership with Oracle,  you benefit from fast, secure and compliant  interconnections between your workloads worldwide. The InterCloud software-defined platform offers  end-to-end visibility and control as well as increased flexibility to interconnect your critical business applications.


Through collaboration with InterCloud, Oracle customers benefit from dedicated network access to their cloud data and applications worldwide.

Consistent performance for performance sensitive data and high-throughput apps.

Improved privacy thanks to private connectivity.

Low pricing & no inbound or outbound bandwidth charges.