Connect to IBM Cloud

Leveraging InterCloud’ managed IBM Cloud Direct Link Connect, your corporate IT can commit on enterprise-grade performance and security for business -critical IBM Cloud traffic.

Performance and security are crucial for your global enterprise. Leveraging IBM Cloud Direct Link, InterCloud offers fast and secured end-to-end private connectivity to your IBM Cloud workloads such as cloud infrastructure, AI cloud workloads, machine learning applications etc.

InterCloud’s fully managed interconnect-as-a service solution is backed by market-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and guarantees the IBM customers have the reliability they need to access  their mission-critical applications globally.


Protect your sensitive & critical data the public Internet’s threats with an enterprise-grade private connectivity solution offering end-to-end performance and security

Benefit from a cost-effective option to transfer large amounts of data for high-performance computing purposes

Boost your network agility with a fully managed interconnect-as-a service solution  to for your IBM Cloud resources