Joined-up your connectivity with Alibaba Cloud Platform and InterCloud

Alibaba Express Connect


InterCloud and Alibaba Cloud established a private and secure access between the Cloud data centers and Intercloud connectivity platform.
Through this collaboration, enterprises can get a direct route into Mainland China and leverage the Alibaba Cloud infrastructure to get their business up and running.
Through Alibaba Cloud Express Connect, you can access your cloud environments, requiring low network latency for optimal performance and security.
InterCloud and Alibaba, a leading cloud provider, the first in the China market, collaborate to connect you to your cloud resources anywhere.

We are pleased to offer direct cloud access to our European customers through InterCloud and bring our services closer to them. With Express Connect, enterprises can leverage a private connectivity to their resources on Alibaba Cloud and easily scale their growing business demands.
Qunkai Liu, General Manager, Alibaba Cloud France

Bridge the gap


Between fast-paced Alibaba cloud innovation and slow modernization of network infrastructure natively offers usage-driven, granular traffic segmentation to make cloud networking an integral part of applications that can be easily monitored, controlled, and optimized.
Alibaba Connector, an InterCloud on-the shelf-product, provides:
  Layer 3 connectivity: InterCloud Alibaba Connector uses the industry-standard, dynamic routing protocol (BGP).
  SLA: InterCloud manages end-to-end connectivity to Alibaba with strong performance commitments with KPIs (such as latency, jitter, and packet loss).
  Seamless scalability across the globe.

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