With InterCloud, we help you design network architectures that can flex and scale as your cloud strategy demands while complying with your corporate policies.
Our interconnection model is based on a very simple, but crucial question: Which resources do you need to interconnect?
The business and technical requirements of these granular elements will determine the adapted connectivity mode and SLAs as well as the advanced networking features needed.

Private connectivity

InterCloud’s signature solution is designed for large companies that need to guarantee the performance, security, and compliance of their business-critical traffic. This end-to-end solution is unique to the market for its quality of service backed by enterprise-grade network performance SLAs.
It combines our software-defined platform’s premium private connectivity with Layer 3 fully managed services. It includes the implementation of your private connectivity to any CSP, all your routing services, as well as the delivery of the local loops to attach your premises.

Managed peering

Internet Exchanges (IX) were initially created to make IP Professionals’ direct traffic exchange (peering) more convenient thanks to a predefined policy. Most IX services are operated in a best-effort mode and won’t provide strong performance SLAs.
IX connectivity is an alternative to IP transit for some bandwidth-consuming applications such as communication and collaboration; it provides the best possible path to the destination while reducing the Internet Access bandwidth required.
However, IX connectivity needs to be managed to guarantee performance and reliability. The hidden complexity of IX peering may lead to a significant waste of time and money if not handled properly. Its main challenges are related to BGP routing configuration, especially when building resiliency.
Our expert teams help you design and implement IX connectivity as part of a wider strategy to cope with this model’s weaknesses. With InterCloud’s Layer 3 fully managed peering services, we build your customized enterprise-grade technical design.

Service hubs

Leverage the InterCloud platform to get centralized access to all your external resources as well as a seamless transition path from your existing WAN services to SDN. With InterCloud’s connectivity hubs, you benefit from our software-defined capabilities to support your infrastructure modernization strategy in the long run.
InterCloud builds and manages connectivity hubs that aggregate all your traffic regionally; they enable you to easily implement resource-level traffic segmentation as well as granular policy-based network management. Better visibility and control over your network also facilitates cloud governance at the corporate level.
Whether you need to externalize on-premise workloads, reach a new cloud destination, or upgrade your network infrastructure, central management of your different network topologies and technologies accelerates your strategic changes and simplifies daily operations.
With this fully managed solution, no need to worry anymore about ever-changing underlay and multimodal connectivity (private, IX peering, IP transit, etc.) to improve your infrastructure scalability while increasing the flexibility and predictability of your networking costs.
Your hubs can also accommodate additional networking features such as security, monitoring, or optimization as well as SD-WAN gateways and controllers leveraging our NFV capabilities.